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Jeralyn Jones MD

Jeralyn Jones, MD

Clinical Associate Professor Idaho UW Advanced Clinician Psychiatry Track
Caseload Supervisor Boise State University

Boise State University

Work Experiences / Areas of Interest

In residency training, psychiatrists come face to face with the vastness of the human psyche, and the many forms of human suffering. We learn to recognize the person who needs our help, we learn the acuity of the need, and we learn the most useful interventions. It is a privilege to engage residents in this process during psychodynamic psychotherapy seminar and supervision at the family medicine residency clinic. I hope to help residents become confident psychiatrists by supporting their natural abilities, teaching essentials and participating in lively collaboration.


Psychiatry Residency1991California Pacific Medical Center
M.D.1987University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
B.A.1983University of North Texas