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Craig W. Beaver, PhD, ABPP-CN

Forensic and Neuropsychology Supervisor

Boise Neuropsych

Work Experiences / Areas of Interest

In 1983, I established a psychological/neuropsychological department at a major medical center. Later I helped establish a comprehensive brain injury/spinal cord rehabilitation program and helped run that program for 23 years. Neuropsychology and brain injury rehabilitation has been an area of interest. Much of my practice also involves mental health and the law. I have been recognized by multiple state and federal courts for my expertise. I have taught many seminars on mental health and the law.

Current Clinical Work

Currently I maintain a private practice that involves both forensic services and neuropsychological treatments. I am on the review board for the Idaho Bar Association. I consult throughout the Intermountain West on issues of law and mental health, in both civil and criminal matters.


B.S. Honors in PsychologyJune 1978University of Oregon
M.S. Clinical PsychologyJanuary 1980Miami (Ohio) University
PhD Clinical PsychologyAugust 1983Miami (Ohio) University
Diplomate, Clinical neuropsychology (ABPP)1992-